[ad_1] Tuesday was a record-breaking day for LeBron James both in terms of NBA performance and NFTs. The collectibles sales started increasing on February 5th, amassing over $234,000 in total sales up to this date. What’s more, NBA Top Shot reported over 2,500 individual NFTs traded, breaking a personal record for the player since May […]
[ad_1] The Centre Pompidou, the largest modern art museum in Europe, is all set to exhibit NFTs, including a CryptoPunk and an Autoglyph. The museum, which houses France’s National Museum of Modern Art, will showcase NFTs from 16 digital artists from across the globe. Primarily, the upcoming exhibition will explore the relationship between art and […]
[ad_1] Serial entrepreneur, VeeFriends founder, and NFT thought leader Gary Vee announces the first round of VeeCon 2023 speakers and entertainment headliners. The three-day VeeFriends superconference features rap legend Busta Rhymes as its featured opening night headline artist this year! Furthermore, the event takes place on May 18 and is all set to host a […]
[ad_1] Coming from the Asian Web3 startup double jump.tokyo, Captain Tsubasa is a new NFT anime project based on the iconic Japanese soccer anime character. The debut collection promotes the project’s motto: “World Peace Through The Power of Soccer.”  This drop aims to inspire users to pursue their dreams while paying homage to the popular […]
[ad_1] Rug Radio, the decentralized podcast network, has just launched its NFT PFP collection and it has already sold out! The collection features unique digital art pieces representing the faces of the Web3 community. This article will provide all the information you need to know about Rug Radio NFTs and their recent release. Rug Radio […]
[ad_1] One of the most popular anime NFT projects of all time, 0N1 Force, now has new owners. Accordingly, high-profile Web3 investors joined forces to purchase the collection and take it to a new level. Their main goal is to turn the project into a full metaverse-native IP – and they’re willing to invest “significant […]