Crypto Veterans Acquire Blue-Chip Collection 0N1 Force


One of the most popular anime NFT projects of all time, 0N1 Force, now has new owners. Accordingly, high-profile Web3 investors joined forces to purchase the collection and take it to a new level. Their main goal is to turn the project into a full metaverse-native IP – and they’re willing to invest “significant funds” to make it happen!

digital poster from the 0N1 Force NFT collection
The popular anime blue-chip NFT project 0N1 Force now belongs to a group of leading Web3 investors ready to scale the collection.

Who Bought The Blue-Chip NFT Collection?

Starting this month, the 0N1 Force NFT collection belongs to a newly-formed group of blockchain innovators and investors. The project’s new community board includes the former Binance CFO Wei Zhou, Colin Goltra (the COO of Yield Guild Games), and William Tong, the new Chief Strategy Officer.

However, the buyout was led by Old Fashion Research (OFR). Founded after the 2021 NFT boom, the crypto-centered company initially belonged to former Binance executives Wayne Fu and Ling Zhang.

Notably, the 0N1 Force leader, Henry “Starlordy” Finn, will stay on the team as the new CEO. The team of community moderators will also keep working on the project. Other founders left the project as the new investors’ group hit to establish

In a statement, the group said they are planning to “deploy significant funds into the growing 0N1 Force franchise, with a view to establishing it as a leading metaverse-native IP.”

image of two characters from the 0N1 Force NFT collection
The project roadmap for 2023 includes a new Artist Fund, a graphic novel series, and more surprises to come.

What Is 0N1 Force?

In short, 0N1 Force is one of the first generative anime NFT collections – and a top blue-chip project. This PFP project consists of 7,777 side-profile portraits of unique characters. Each character has a unique style and rarities, which skyrocketed their popularity.

This year, we’ll probably hear more about 0N1 Force as the project has big plans ahead. According to their roadmap, the team will soon launch a graphic novel created by its community; meanwhile, project owners will also allocate 50 ETH to an Artist Fund for the most talented community members.



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