Take a Look at the Sold-Out Rug Radio NFT Reveal!


Rug Radio, the decentralized podcast network, has just launched its NFT PFP collection and it has already sold out! The collection features unique digital art pieces representing the faces of the Web3 community. This article will provide all the information you need to know about Rug Radio NFTs and their recent release.

Faces of Web3 NFT collection from Rug Radio and Corey Van Lew.
Rug Radio NFT collection named “Faces of Web3” created by visual artist Corey Van Lew.
Image Credit: Rug Radio

Rug Radio NFTs, Faces of web3, are Sold Out!

Rug Radio NFTs were highly anticipated and excited the crypto Twitter NFT community. Within less than 24 hours of release, all pieces were sold out in two different waves. The collection features over 50 unique digital art pieces, each representing a different member of the Web3 community.

The Rug Radio NFT collection was released in two phases, each with its own unique characteristics and goals. The first phase was an allowlist event for early Rug Radio Genesis NFT holders. During this phase, a limited number of NFTs could be minted at a discounted price to those who held the Genesis Rug NFTs. These NFTs cost 690 Rug Tokens. Additionally, DAO token holders, creators, and team members received tokens at a rate of 1 token per individual, as a free claim. Phase 1 ended with a total of 14,665 tokens claimed.

The second phase opened to web3 communities supporting Rug Radio from the start, through an allowlist raffle. The raffle allowlists handled tokens offered at a price of .069 ETH. However, during this phase, there were some challenges. Some individuals who had claimed the free mint during phase 1 found themselves unable to mint, and the development team had to patch the issue. Additionally, there were more wallets that showed up as ineligible to mint, which the team fixed. The team ended up opening a public stealth mint to give access to those who had opened support tickets but were unable to mint. This mint occurred privately, with the URL shared only to address the issues of allowlisted individuals who failed to mint. The team implemented some safeguards to prevent exploitation, such as checking “NFT Balance”, which prevented those who had already minted from minting again.

What Happened With the Faces of Web3 NFT Mint?

After satisfying the support tickets, the development team updated the contract to reimplement the allowlist. However, as the token supply started to dwindle, more complaints rose from people unable to mint, but were on the allowlist. The team found out that the parameter for gating the mint was still set to check “NFT Balance”, instead of only allowing minting to the allowlist addresses. In the end, wallet addresses that were not on the allowlist were able to mint, but only 1 token each and only if the wallet they were minting to did not already own a CVL x RR “Faces of Web3” token. This led to some individuals who were on the allowlist missing out on their spots and a full sellout in approximately 8 hours, not 24 hours as previously anticipated.

Despite the shortcomings and hiccups during the Public Sale phase, the mint partners at SyndicateDAO went above and beyond to support and resolve every issue that arose. They deployed a safe minting environment, free from concerns of wallet security, or exploitation.

Official sell out announcement for the NFT collection Faces of Web3.
Rug Radio announced the sell out on their website under 24 hrs.
Image Credit: Rug Radio

Rug Radio x Corey Van Lew PFP Reveal

Each NFT in the Rug Radio collection is one-of-a-kind and non-fungible. This means that no two pieces are exactly alike, and each has its own unique value. The visual artist Cory Van Lew created the unique art for the collection. The collection is available to view and purchase on OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFTs. The Rug Radio PFP collection consists of 20,000 NFTs, granting special benefits for Rug Radio NFT holders.

The PFPs are wildly coloured, with incredible detail and character. Of the ‘special’ traits, the most common is ‘Rug Mic’. The rarest is ‘Aura-Blew’, which is a dynamic 1/1 trait. Check out the entire revealed collection on OpenSea.

Rug Radio x Corey Van Lew NFT PFP Aura Trait, blue faced character, gold clothing and hair, angry expression, blue aura

What is Rug Radio?

Rug Radio is a decentralized podcast network that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a community-driven platform where content creators can produce and distribute their own podcasts without any centralized control. Specifically, Rug Radio works to build a decentralized future for the internet and their NFT collections promote this vision.

The release of Rug Radio NFTs succeeded as a testament to the growing popularity of NFTs and the Web3 community. These unique digital art pieces not only serve as a symbol of decentralization but also provide a glimpse into the future of the internet. Rug Radio leads the charge towards a more decentralized future, and its PFP NFT collection promotes this vision.



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