Captain Tsubasa NFT with Double Jump.Tokyo’s Epic Release


Coming from the Asian Web3 startup double, Captain Tsubasa is a new NFT anime project based on the iconic Japanese soccer anime character. The debut collection promotes the project’s motto: “World Peace Through The Power of Soccer.”  This drop aims to inspire users to pursue their dreams while paying homage to the popular ’80s anime series.

image of two anime players hitting a soccer ball from the series Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa is the latest iconic anime character to join the NFT market starting this year!

Captain Tsubasa NFTs: What Should You Know?

If you’re a fan of the iconic anime “Captain Tsubasa,” here’s some great news: starting this year you’ll be able to mint NFTs featuring the unforgettable character! The show, which first started in 1981, is still highly popular among professional athletes and FIFA players.

Therefore, the NFT-centered company double is bringing the magic of the show to the Web3 world with a debut NFT collection. The core of this new NFT project is “World Peace Through The Power of Soccer”, thus aiming to connect soccer fans from all across the globe.

In terms of design, each NFT collectible will feature legendary details of the original “Captain Tsubasa” anime character. From moves to backgrounds and other surprise characters, fans will be able to mint top elements from the show.

“Captain Tsubasa is all about having dreams and pursuing those dreams,” stated Captain Tsubasa’s NFT artist Yoichi Takahashi. “What better way to have fun than by kicking around a soccer ball, and what better way to dream than wandering around the world with that ball. This project reinforces that message and highlights the importance of having dreams as children.”

digital poster of the Captain Tsubasa NFT collection
Captain Tsubasa

Are There Any Other Interesting Anime NFTs?

The anime NFT niche has been expanding since the 2021 NFT boom. Right now, there are plenty of exciting projects to look for! Of course, experienced NFT traders already know about anime NFT leaders such as Azuki. After all, this pop-culture collection celebrating traditional Japanese art style has been leading the charts since launch.

Web3 players might also enjoy dedicated projects such as Valhalla, which boasts a large community of gamers. If you’re looking for cool collectibles, though, the Karafuru, Renga and 0N1 Force are definitely worth checking out. Considering Captain Tsubasa‘s popularity to this day, the NFT collection will likely become a hit too!



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