MakersPlace Takes NFTs to the Next Level With New Phygitals Category


This week, the popular fine art NFT marketplace MakersPlace launched a new category for the platform: Phygitals. As its name suggests, this category will host and promote phygital NFTs – collectibles linked to physical items or experiences. The news comes as this type of digital asset skyrockets in popularity, with brands like Funko Pop or Budsies already dropping their collections.

Starting this spring, the NFT marketplace MakersPlace debuts a Phygitals category dedicated to hybrid NFTs. Credits: Lee Ellis

Why Does MakersPlace Support Phygital NFTs?

If you’re into phygital NFTs, Makersplace offers a brand-new category for these digital assets titled “Phygitals.” There, creators and traders can explore or promote their new hybrid collectibles. Accordingly, the marketplace will promote its category on its website by highlighting the latest drops.

To create a smooth experience, the platform teamed up with Aioray—this phygital store-focused platform. In short, this startup helps creators link real-life items to their unlockable NFTs.

Together, the two developed a quick way for minters to access the physical perks of each phygital asset. From 3D art to music and exclusive experiences, now you can create a bridge between the Web3 world and the physical one.

“Phygitals add another incredible layer of connection between the creator and the collectors and bring an exciting new art form to the NFT market. We see the opportunity for unlockable offerings to go far beyond Phygitals over time, and this category is only the beginning for us,” said MakersPlace CEO Craig Palmer.

digital collage of NFT phygital artworks
To celebrate the new category launch, MakersPlace will host exclusive phygital drops from Vakseen, and rv3, to name a few. 

Which Are The Debut Hybrid NFT Drops?

As a pioneer in the phygital NFTs niche, MakersPlace already hosts several art collections from artists like Matt Gondek and Marco Santini. However, the new Phygitals category brings several brand new NFT drops due to launch by the end of the month.

For example, this week, you can mint new NFTs from Lee Ellis, Loupy D, and Leo Caillard also featured in the NFT Paris Exhibit.

“Artists need a platform to flourish and showcase their passion to the right people. Collectors want the opportunity to own a physical painting and an NFT,” said Lee Ellis.

On February 28th, artist James Mulligan will release new collectibles, followed by Javier Arres in early March. Soon, collectors will also be able to mint surprising releases from Vakseen, rv3, GoldiesNFT, and more.


What Are Phygital NFTs?

Phygital NFTs are digital assets that offer you access to physical goods. This concept is now more popular than ever for NFT collectors, but it’s been around for years. Even online shopping is, in fact, a phygital experience as it combines virtual actions with physical products!

Here’s a recent example of NFTs: the iconic Funko Pop brand launched six limited-edition physical collectibles featuring Game of Thrones characters. Every collector who purchased a collectible could redeem a unique Digital Pop! NFT.

The phygital NFTs niche is on an ascending trend – and Makersplace will likely host promising NFT collections for investors and traders alike.



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