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The Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) and bem.builders announce the launch of a 24-week long alternate reality (AR) based game in the metaverse called “The Lost Wallet”, with players standing a chance to win a CryptoPunk (#2672) worth €120,000.  The game mobilizes a multitude of spaces, metaverses, and partners, creating an interactive alternate reality treasure hunt like no other. It fuses the expectations and experiences of gamers, brands, and the web3 industry.

the poster of the "Lost Wallet" NFT game with the Cryptopunk #2672 in the center of the image. The NFT is a purple haired cryptopunk.

The Lost Wallet: How Do I Take Part In The Quest?

The Lost Wallet game officially starts on Wednesday, March 1st, and is currently the largest NFT event in the world! Bem.builders and NFC invites participants to compete and win a historic NFT: the CryptoPunk (#2672). This digital asset is worth over €120,000. Moreover, the game is built around a story divided into 24 quests. The final task unlocks the highly coveted CryptoPunk for the winner.

Additionally, other surprises appear along each quest, including NFTs by artists, partner collections, digital clothing, 3D houses, and other assets up for grabs. These include artists such as Hackatao, Dot Pigeon, Foodmasku, Obvious, Agoria, and John Hamo.

The Lost Wallet takes place across a multitude of Web3 spaces including Discord groups, metaverses, and dedicated platforms from various partner brands. Some of the worlds confirmed include SPATIAL, w3rlds (Exclusive), Decentraland, OVER, R3V3NGE, and The Sandbox. Moreover, each quest adapts to the features and images of the different partner brands. The main game launches from the official Lost Wallet website.

The game also includes a cryptic NFT 0. This is an invaluable in-game item that helps players through the rest of their adventure. Brands interested in joining the game benefit from unique exposure and can still participate in several quests that remain available. The first player to generate the seed phrase will acquire the CryptoPunk. Other rewards will be provided to participants achieving a strong score.

Lost Wallet Lore & More

The ‘Lost Wallet’ story begins when a young man passionate about the digital world working for a mysterious artificial intelligence company is found dead. His digital wallet, including the now ownerless CryptoPunk (#2672), disappears. Participants now embark on a quest to search for it, guided by a cryptic Twitter account (@The_Lost_Wallet). Players move across a variety of challenges that push the limits of reality, each quest allows players to recover a word until a 24-word seed phrase is formed, giving access to the secret wallet.

The first quest in the series premiered on January 30th, and is still available until March 1st. From March 1st, a new quest is revealed every week until mid-August. Neal Robert, CEO of bem.builders, explains: “Boosting the metaverse, democratizing access to it, federating a community, and promoting our partners are the goals behind this project. The Lost Wallet will transform the whole Web3 space, especially the metaverses, into a huge playground.

In conclusion, “The Lost Wallet” is set to become the largest NFT event in the world. Think of this game as a complete speed run through the multi-metaverse! The 24-week-long journey is a transformational journey for all players to explore and expand themselves deeper into web3 than ever before!



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