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The first-ever GQ digital art collection has been announced! The collection features one-of-a-kind digital pieces by artists Kelsey Niziolik, Reo, Chuck Anderson, and Serwah Attafuah. Owning a piece from the GQ digital art collection unlocks access to unique experiences and limited-edition products from the brand.

A selection of artwork featured in the GQ drop.
A selection of artwork by Serwah Attafuah, featured in the upcoming GQ digital-art drop.

GQ’s Digital Art Collection: ‘Change Is Good’ Offers Exclusive Access to the GQ Universe

GQ today releases GQ Issue 001: Change is Good. The collection features 1,661 GQ digital art pieces. To clarify, ownership allows readers an in-depth exploration of the GQ universe and exclusive access to products and experiences. Subsequently, minting artwork from the first GQ digital art drop will give readers a variety of benefits. This includes a GQ magazine subscription, exclusive GQ merchandise, the GQ box, and a ticket to the GQ3 party in NYC. If that wasn’t enough, art owners will also be part of the GQ3 community as a founder. Additionally, they can expect ongoing access to live events, a special section on the GQ Discord, and first-in-line status for future GQ3 drops.

Joel Pavelski, global director of content strategy at GQ, is particularly excited about the drop. He said that GQ is eager to experiment with new technology and they are passionate about highlighting innovation and creativity. Therefore, GQ assembled a group of four forward-thinking artists to create the GQ digital art collection of original pieces, covering a particularly trippy and enthralling band of the visual spectrum. Chuck Anderson, REO, Kelsey Niziolek, and Serwah Attafuah explored the GQ motto “Change Is Good” through their work. They have used it as a guiding theme to create generative digital art. They each made over 100 unique traits, which were algorithmically combined in infinite ways to create stand-alone works. In total, the GQ digital art drop features 1,661 distinct tokens, specifically to pay tribute to GQ’s 66th anniversary.

Get ready to experience GQ3 Issue 001: Change Is Good! Directions on how to purchase artwork from the GQ digital art drop is on their website. The GQ discord and Twitter will also help readers to stay up to date on the latest news and exciting developments in the world of GQ3.



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