The Masked Singer Launches NFT Experience for Fans


FOX and its Web3 media and creative technology company Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), is introducing The Masked Singer Experience through NFTs! The launch will coincide with the Season Nine debut of the television series. Essentially, the experience is an expansion of the digital fan community for the singing competition, and offers several new interactive features.

Contestants dressed in Masked Singer costumes
Join The Masked Singer NFT community for access to exclusive rewards

What are the Benefits of Holding Masked Singer NFTs?

Holders of the Masked Singers Stars NFT will have access to a variety of benefits. These include live show voting polls, token-gated exclusive video content, a points leaderboard, and an online rewards store. Further, throughout Season Nine, fans can vote for the character they believe will advance by scanning on-air QR codes. By doing so, fans can level up their Loyalty Pass to be able to purchase the Masked Singer NFT. Subsequently, they will gain deeper access to the Masked Singer Experience. Star holders will receive points based on the number of correct of votes they cast. To clarify, a total of 1,050 Masked Singer Stars NFTs will be available to buy at approximately $50 dollars each.

Additionally, Star NFT holders will have access to unique content, such as behind-the-scenes and confessionals from this season’s contestants. Then, mid-season, the Experience will debut an online store where fans can use their points to redeem a variety of digital goods, digital wearables, and other items. The leaderboard will rank fans based on points earned, with the opportunity to compete against each other. Finally, points and rewards earned from The Masked Singer’s original digital fan club will transfer to The Masked Singer Experience.

Fox and Blockchain Creative Labs: Innovating the Fan Experience with NFTs

By combining the popularity of its existing brand with blockchain technology and gamification, Fox and Blockchain Creative Labs have evidently shown a strong example of a Hollywood media company harnessing the potential of NFTs and interacting with its audience. Fox entertainment’s move to NFTs will likely be welcomed by viewers. Furthermore, the strategy aims to increase both fan engagement and the monetization of one of its top intellectual properties. The media company has reminded fans that fan voting will not impact the series outcome. Get involved in the new interactive experience by scanning the QR code in the next Masked Singer episode!



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