Gear up for Stradall, a blockchain-fueled game featuring collectible cards with an automobile theme. The game incorporates NFT trading cards, gaming, and the automotive industry, providing players with a nostalgic experience from their childhood.

This new Stradall project allows players to acquire and exchange unique digital cards featuring famous teams and garages, ranging from classic muscle cars to state-of-the-art supercars. Players can trade and collect cards of varying rarity levels, ranging from the standard unlimited cards to the unique black cards, highly prized legendary gold cards, rare silver cards, and limited blue cards. Stradall offers common-level cards for free to players who want to play the game without spending money.

Through the Immutable X blockchain integration, players can participate in a play-to-own game and trade cards with unique signatures on a peer-to-peer basis without intermediaries. Each card’s security and scarcity are guaranteed thanks to the blockchain, making it easy for users to swap, exchange, and use these valuable assets.

To start the game, players must purchase a starter pack of cards with a selection of common cards and the chance to win a rare or ultra-rare card. Players can continue accumulating cards by performing tasks and winning races against other players.

Stradall making waves in the NFT space

Stradall, a card game in which players compete in multiple virtual races using digital automobiles with real-life attributes, creates a realistic auto racing experience, bringing racing excitement to life. Players must participate in an auction-style sales format to purchase virtual cars and later sell them on the secondary market. It is also creating Metanol (MTNL), a native token that users can use to pay for interoperable digital assets and actively participate in the Stradall metaverse.

Rev Your Engines with Blockchain-Fueled Racing Game Stradall


Stradall plans to establish long-term collaborations with other famous automakers, including Aston Martin F1, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Bugatti, to provide players with a more exciting experience. With their great roadmap and team of professionals from various industries, Stradall’s automobile crypto game trading cards are gaining popularity in the gaming community.

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