Mino Games’ Web3 Debut Starts With a $15M Funding


Mino Games, one of the latest mobile NFT gaming startups, raised a whopping $15 million in a Series B round. The main participants were Earl Grey Capital, Konvoy Ventures, and Boost VC, as the funding was led by Standard Crypto. Further, the new studio aims to launch its debut metaverse franchise titled “Dimensionals: Heroes of The Multiverse”.

digital poster of Mino Games' upcoming mobile game
The Web3 mobile gaming studio Mino Games raised $15M in a funding round for their upcoming game.

How Did Mino Games Raise $15M in Funding?

The mobile gaming studio Mino Games successfully raised $15M in a funding round for its upcoming metaverse experience. The upcoming franchise, Dimensionals, will be an RPG (Role-Playing Game) based on NFT characters and in-game items.

Along with this release, the startup aims to develop a community-led ecosystem where players truly reap the perks of their experience. One of their main strategies to achieve this goal is to adopt the Free-to-Own model.

“We’re on the cusp of the next era in gaming where blockchains will power in-game economies, aligning the incentives of players with those of the game developers. Mino Games has a proven record in free-to-play and understands where crypto can enhance the experience for players,” said Alok Vasudev, co-founder of Standard Crypto.

Twitter screenshot of a message by Mino Games team member
The team at Mino Games aims to create a powerful community under the free-to-own gaming model. Credit: Twitter

Are Blockchain Games on the Rise?

Following the 2021 bear market, NFTs are on the rise again. In fact, the metaverse and blockchain gaming sectors have seen major improvements in token value.

Mobile games are also increasing in popularity with millions of users choosing this alternative to computer games. Guild of Guardians, one of the most popular mobile blockchain games, sold NFT characters for more than $273K even before the game launched!

All in all, mobile blockchain games are without a doubt part of the future of the Web3 world.



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