laCollection Display’s Kalen Iwamoto’s Encrypted Poetry


Did you ever think about creating NFT literature artworks using encrypted crypto coding? That’s exactly what digital artist Kalen Iwamoto has explored in a new drop via laCollection, a dedicated NFT art platform. This innovative collection opens the door to a new form of art, proving that the digital world and human creativity can not only co-exist, but also merge like never before.

image of NFT literature artist Kalen Iwamoto speaking at a microphone on stage
Conceptual artist Kalen Iwamoto aims to innovate the literature NFT niche with a new encrypted poem exhibition via laCollection. Credit: Twitter

How Does Kalen Iwamoto’s NFT Literature Drop Work?

The start of 2023 has brought plenty of innovation for the NFT market. The latest example comes from none other than Kalen Iwamoto, a digital poet and founder of TheVERSEverse female-led NFT gallery. This time, the artist created 7 NFTs featuring digital literature pieces titled “The Coining Poetry” series.

For each poem, the author used custom addresses and encrypted crypto language. Of course, ETH-related coding imposes some limitations; for example, users can only use letters from “a” to “f” and two numbers: 0 and 1.

Once you buy an NFT poem, you’ll receive a unique key for a private digital wallet. Inside the wallet, you’ll find 1,000 Poetry Coins – ERC-20 tokens created for this collection only.

In addition, holders will receive a physical plastic wallet including the complete encrypted poem. These NFT-related items also have Kalen Iwamoto’s handwriting and signature.

All in all, this is undoubtedly a unique drop that might innovate the NFT poetry niche. Here’s how the collectibles look on laCollection:

digital image of an encrypted crypto code NFT poem literature by Kalen Iwamoto at lacollection
The online exhibition of Kalen Iwamoto’s Coining Poetry literature NFT collection is available via laCollection.


What is laCollection?

Founded in 2021, laCollection is a leading NFT art gallery aiming to connect artists and institutions to passionate collectors. The platform’s partners list features Sorare, Level-Up and ArtNova to name a few.

Up until now, laCollection has brought multiple traditional artworks to the Web3 world too. For example, the company collaborated with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to drop rare 19th-century French paintings as NFTs. Considering the promising NFT market growth this year, literature NFTs such as Kalen Iwamoto’s encrypted poems might bring the niche to a new dimension.



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