Dookey Dash Results are in


The Dookey Dash competition finally ended, and results place Faze Mongraal in 1st place. The event attracted participants from all over the world, playing for a change to win the coveted key.  This golden key NFT, from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, is now on sale for 2,222 ETH.

Faze Mongraal is a professional gamer known for his success in Fortnite.
Mongraal wins 1st place after Dookey Dash results are out.
Image Credit: Faze Clan

Dookey Dash results Place Faze Mongraal As the Undeniable Winner

Mongraal, the well-known Fortnite pro player from e-gaming team Faze Clan, wins the grand prize. The Dookey Dash results show Mongraal’s superb gaming skills in the top spots, breaking the high score more than once. Dookey Dash proved to be a unique with players from different parts of the world competing for a chance to win.

The Dookey Dash competition feels as a massive success by the NFT community, delivering a fun gaming experience for the Bored Ape Yacht Club community. The competition also highlights the growing importance of NFTs in the gaming world, with many players looking to gain access to fun games with NFTs. In this case, Sewer Pass NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collections granted access to the Dookey Dash game.

Faze Mongraal Lists Golden Key NFT For 2,222 ETH

Mongraal’s victory comes with a Sewer Pass Golden Key, which he has listed for 2,222 ETH – approximately $3.7 million USD. Many collectors want this key, and bid on the item as we speak. Still, they bid far below the listing price. Furthermore, the fact he won the Golden Key Prize after Dookey Dash results were published, and listed it for such a high price, clearly indicates his confidence in the value of his new NFT. Who will become the new owner of the magical BAYC golden key? Only time will tell.

The Sewer Pass Golden Key listed on OpenSea for 2,222 ETH, given after Dookey Dash Results were public.
The Sewer Pass Golden Key now listed for 2,222 ETH on OpenSea, right after Dookey Dash results were published.
Image Credit: OpenSea




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