Roblox TV Series Promises to Captivate Viewers


Roblox, the leading online game platform announces a new TV series based on one of its most popular games. The announcement follows the company’s quarterly financial results, which state an uptick of over 17% year-over-year ($$899.4 million). To clarify, Roblox has teamed up with media companies Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and Productivity Media to bring the TV series to a massive audience. The series focuses on the “Creatures of Sonaria” game within Roblox, coming to a device near you soon!

a picture displaying two mystical creatures swimming in the sea, a logo of "Creatures Of Sonaria" is imposed on the image, the Roblox game is now being converted into a TV series.

Roblox TV Series: What’s it About?

Inspired by the success of the AAA game “The Last Of Us”, Roblox’s “Creatures Of Sonaria” is set to be the next game-based TV series coming soon. In addition to the two media companies, Lucasfilm executive Catherine Winder (also the CEO at Wind Sun Sky) will oversee production. Wind Sun Sky Entertainment has also created other hit series like Invincible, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more.

Creatures Of Sonaria is originally a survival game on Roblox. The game showcases exotic creatures in an immersive world fighting for survival. Furthermore, Winder aims to turn the adaptation of the game into a “narrative universe”. At present, Productivity Media is funding the TV series. Additionally, Wind Sun Sky is also adapting another Roblox game “Twilight Daycare Series”, as a TV series.

The Reach of Roblox

In December 2022, Roblox ended with over 58.8 million average daily active users. Despite the inactivity, players are still engaged with the platform. Therefore, the game is a massive opportunity to onboard massive numbers of people into web3 and the early metaverse. Furthermore, Roblox operates like a platform, but also allows users to create their own games within it. This is a key factor for the growth and engagement it has garnered in the last few years.

It is safe to say that Roblox will open many doors to the next-gen of digital collectibles and online entertainment. Especially when its growth and target audience centers around users 17 years and over, as per Roblox CFO Michael Guthrie.



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