Icy Tools NFT Data Analytics Guide (AND Some Free Alternatives)


If you’re looking to analyse NFTs and digital assets, then Icy Tools is the platform for you! icy.tools is a NFT tracking and analytics platform founded by Icy Labs in 2021. On the platform, users can view data regarding latest floor prices, volume, and sale history on NFTs. Further, users can also  see the price & volume charts for various NFTs. Additionally, developers can use the API to query on-chain data. icy.tools also alerts users for latest mints and wallets that users follow. So, let’s take a look at Icy Tools, NFT aggregators, and alternatives for NFT trading.

What is Icy Tools?

In essence, icy.tools is an NFT tracking and analytics platform and data aggregator. To explain, it collects and gives data around the latest floor prices, volume, and sale history on various digital collectibles. It also allows users to see the price & volume charts for NFT collections. Therefore, collectors and interested users can use the platform to see the transaction history and portfolio value of any wallet. Then, it also offers an alerts system to help users keep up to date on the latest mints before they moon!

The platform started in 2021 but was acquired by Quicknode in May 2022.

What is an NFT Aggregator?

NFT marketplace aggregators help users assess large bits of data across NFT marketplaces directly in one place. An NFT aggregator also does this without having to visit those marketplaces. Instead, they combine inventories from multiple NFT marketplaces into one unified interface. This allows NFT traders to get a clear view of the market, and therefore make bulk purchases, find new mints and make moves based on data and statistics.

Icy Tools: Best Features For Trading NFTs

The analytics platform offers several important features:

Real-time NFT Insights and a Real-time transaction feed

If you like trading NFTs, staying up to date with minting habits and following whales’ wallets is a given. The platform’s data is synced with the blockchain and therefore it always has the latest data. In fact, it reports just seconds after blocks are confirmed. Additionally, if you’re looking for feeds of real-time data on; mints, orders, and transfer, this is the perfect tool. You can even build a custom real-time Feed by favoriting collections and wallets you care about. Everything links to more in-depth data and, not only that, it’s also available immediately and all the time.

Trending Collections and Minting Now

Icy Tools offers features to find new mints and good buying opportunities. Firstly, they have a Trending page, which will keep you up to date with the top-selling collections on the market. Next they have a discover page which allows you to see what’s minting right now in real time! As long as an NFT uses an ERC-721 smart contract, icy tools will pick it up.

NFT Collection Analysis

Knowledge is power, after all, so icy tools offers information on every NFT collection it can. The platform boasts in-depth historical sales and floor/volume charts, full transaction feeds, token data, holder breakdowns, and even profit leaderboards.

NFT Drop Calendar

icy.tools also lets you see upcoming drops and mints with its NFT calendar. Projects go through an application and community filtering process before being listed. This means that the calendar is curated, and less likely to feature rug pulls than some.

Tools to Customise your NFT Trading Experience

On the Watch page, you can create lists of up to 20 collections or wallets that you want to track—all updating in real-time. It’s like TradingView for NFTs! Furthermore, icy tools offers the option to set up Push Notification alerts to follow your favorite wallets. This feature works with Discord, Telegram and even just your browser.

Is Icy Tools Free?

In short, no: Icy tools is not free. An icy.tools Premium account is a monthly subscription starting at $62 per month for a 6-month commitment. Alternatively, you can shell out $75 per month on a month-to-month plan.

Currently, you may only pay using ETH or USD, with your wallet or bankcard respectively. This is because icy tools uses the payment processor Stripe. However, the subscriptions won’t charge you automatically— it’s a top-up system instead.

It’s important to note: If you don’t top up ahead of time, you will lose access to the premium features. Plus, subscriptions are not transferable—each subscription is assigned to the wallet that paid for it.

Free Analytics Alternatives to Icy Tools

If icy tools is out of your budget, then there are a bunch of great free NFT analytics platforms too. Before you jump in and buy a subscription, you might want to try one of the following free platforms for NFT traders instead:


image of nft go logo, the nft aggregator tool for nft trading

NFTGo is one of the numerous Web 3.0 projects that has proven to be a real gem for its users and the NFT community in general. Created by a group of NFT enthusiasts, the platform seeks to be able to help you improve your NFT experience. It does this by providing you with accurate NFT data, assisting with NFT research, discovering NFTs, and evaluating the worth of NFT projects. Furthermore, with its new trading aggregator feature, you can now buy many NFTs at once from different marketplaces.


image of gem the nft aggregator tool for nft trading

Gem is a popular NFT marketplace aggregator. To put it simply, it lets you buy NFTs across multiple marketplaces with a single, low-cost transaction. In addition, Gem has rarity-based rankings for NFT collections.

To be sure, these tools make Gem a popular choice for NFT traders. Especially for those looking to sweep NFTs around the floor price of a collection.

In April of 2022, Gem was acquired by OpenSea, but the marketplace stated that Gem will continue to operate as its own company. That said, many of the features on Gem are things that NFT traders have long asked OpenSea to add. As a result, OpenSea are integrating more and more features from Gem into its marketplace.


If you’re looking for paid alternatives to icy tools, then you have many to choose from. NFT traders have the choice between alerting apps, aggregators and alpha groups but the following are the most popular for reliable data about NFTs:

Ninja Alerts

Ninjalerts is an easy to use NFT trading tracker for Ethereum. Simply indicate which contracts or wallets you want to follow, then kick back with push notifications to your mobile devices and Google Chrome. Never miss a trade even when you’re not trading.


Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform, which combines on-chain data with a massive and constantly growing database containing millions of wallet labels. It is possibly one of the most respected, with the Free NFT analytics tools often used by our own team at NFT evening. However, for the full experience, Nansen is also quite expensive.

Is Icy Tools Worth it? Will I become an NFT millionaire?

If you’re a full time trader, it’s definitely important to work with NFT data and statistics. Whichever platform you choose, icy tools included, will give you a better insight into the NFT market. While reviewing data is important, sometimes statistics can also be misleading. Some may argue that the free alternatives to icy tools do less to omit data from wash trading. However, some will argue that the benefits of free NFT analytics tools far outweigh the negatives. Whatever you choose, you’ll never become an NFT millionaire without assessing the market first and any of these tools can help you do just that- especially icy tools!

image of 3d rendered figure, all in blue, next to blue upwards tick to represent nft trading

To learn more about the platform, check out the official icy tools website and twitter account.



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