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NFT Paris, Europe’s largest NFT event, is returning on February 24-25, 2023, at the Grand Palais in Paris. The second edition of the event aims to provide a meeting place for the global NFT scene, including both crypto enthusiasts and blue-chip brands and organizations.

Moreover, there are special events before and after the two main event dates. Let us walk you through a day-by-day guide to the NFT Paris event!

an artistic rendition of a structure at the grand palais, the venue for NFT Paris, depicting a horse and a soldier.

NFT Paris 2023: What You Should Know

This year’s NFT Paris event intends to expand the horizons of web3 and showcase up-and-coming trends and projects in the NFT space. The Grand Palais is expected to host over 8,000 people and offer a unique cultural bridge for experts to share their knowledge and visions.

It also serves as a central meeting point for both large brands and crypto enthusiasts. The two-day event is designed to provide a forum for experts in the field to impart their knowledge and insights into the NFT world. Overall, NFT Paris is shaping up to be an essential event for anyone interested in the future of NFTs and web3.

There is a long list of events happening in Paris this year. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of events happening through NFT Paris week. But worry not, we’ve made your Paris itinerary for you with handpicked events we found interesting. Here are a few events you shouldn’t miss at NFT Paris 2023.

Wednesday, Feb 22: Future Fashion Summit – Paris Edition

official poster for the future fashion summit at NFT Paris

  • Paris Future Fashion Summit

The Future Fashion Summit is one of the first events that set the tone for NFT Paris. This mega event features partner brands like The Fabricant, Hollywood Labs, Ledger, Purple PR Fashion, and RED DAO. The event focuses on the intersection of technology and fashion. It explores the future of fashion through the lens of web3, and is a perfect vibe for the fashion capital of the world!

The Future Fashion Summit takes place on February 22, from 12 PM – 4 PM Central European Time (CET).

Thursday, Feb 23: Ledger, Art Blocks, Super Rare + More

  • Ledger -x- Art Blocks – NFT FACTORY EVENT

The Ledger/Art Blocks NFT Factory event features a curated exhibition of works from a variety of Art Blocks artists. It also includes selected works from the Ledger Collection. These are to be displayed on the NFT Factory’s 51 screens throughout the main space.

Additionally, there is a live minting and in-person plotting experience of Julien Gachadoat’s project, “Structures”, presented by Plottables in the basement gallery. Attendees get a physical iteration of this edition alongside their minted NFTs!

The event will also feature panel discussions hosted by Art Blocks and Ledger throughout the afternoon, exploring topics such as generative art, creation and collection, and digital scarcity.

This event takes place on Thursday, February 23rd at 137 Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris. Moreover, this is a FREE EVENT. Open to the public from 11 AM CET to 7 PM CET without requiring a ticket or RSVP.

  • 3 PM – Collecting Generative, with Erick Calderon (Art Blocks), Guest Collectors, and Ariel Wengroff (Ledger).
  • 5 PM – Ledger Collection: When Technology Meets Art & Culture, with Mo El Sayed, Antoine Thibault, and Gaspard Broustine from Ledger.
  • Plus – Live 30mn Ledger Extension demos with Noé Caporal throughout the day. Don’t forget to come with your Ledger Nano X!

  • SuperRare Community Meetup

SuperRare cordially invites artists and collectors of SuperRare team to an afternoon of community building with members of the SuperRare Labs team. The event features an exhibition of SuperRare Labs-curated art, including works by Sasha Stiles, ClownVamp, LifeWithArt, Klone, Synchrodogs, Israel Riqueros, and Tony Wallstrøm.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy afternoon tea and wine throughout the event. As spaces are limited, interested parties are encouraged to RSVP now.

This event takes place at Galerie IHAM in Paris on Thursday, Feb 23rd, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM CET.

Main Events At NFT Paris – 24th February

Friday, Feb 24: Americana Web3FC Soccer Match, Tom Sachs “Final Frontier” + more

Web3FC is a football club created by enthusiasts of Web3 technology who aim to bring people together in an inclusive environment. They have partnered with Americana and Puma to organize their first official event at NFT Paris. Four genesis Web3FC jerseys will be given away to lucky members with the platform launch. The small-sided football event takes place at one of Paris’s coolest urban football facilities and is invite-only.

The event aims to provide a unique experience for Web3 enthusiasts by bringing together the beauty of the game, art, and technology. The event also features games, competitions, and networking opportunities for the community. It also has a hero film documenting the journey to the pitch and the matches. This is sure to elevate the experience to reach well beyond the confines of NFT Paris.

The Web3FC event demonstrates the unifying power of the Web3 space, to create a community that shares a common interest in football and Web3 technology. You may reach out to Web3FC and Americana NFT for further details.

Address: LE FIVE Paris 18, 215 Rue d’Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris, France.
Timing: 2 PM CET – 5 PM CET
Type: Invite Only

Ledger hosts two workshops on both days of NFT Paris. On 24th February, the first workshop focuses on security in web3. The Ledger itinerary for the 24th is as follows:

    • 10 am – 11 am: Workshop: Level Up Your NFT Security Game With Mo El Sayed (Ledger) and Noé Caporal (Ledger).
    • 2 pm – 2.35 pm: Panel: Security – What you Need to do Right. With Charles Guillemet (CTO, Ledger), Jason Bailey, Clarisse Hagege, Josie Bellini, and moderated by Raphaël Bloch.
    • 4.35pm – 4.50pm: Keynote: Sebastien Badault (VP Metaverse, Ledger).

You may attend the workshop at Ledger Booth at NFT Paris – Location 27, by the main entrance of the Grand Palais.

  • Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory -x- Mona: “Final Frontier” Launch

Tom Sachs, a sculptor known for blending the precision of technology with the imperfection of handmade sculptures, partners with NFT Studios to launch “Final Frontier”. The project is also an entire “metaverse galaxy” consisting of 1,000 handmade generative 3D worlds and 10,000 Space Station Apartments. To clarify, the project builds upon the Rocket and Mars Rock NFT collections, powered by Monaverse.

The launch has immersive features including Sachs’s sculptures and visuals of the worlds. TSRF staff will also be live-minting new worlds for participants through a marathon Indoctrination and intake activation, allowing interested parties to jump head-first into their new Galaxy.

In conclusion, the resulting experience also offers a premium case study for artists looking to build quality experiences in the metaverse, bringing together incredible visuals with expansive concepts for previously unheard-of results.

The Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory will be launched on February 24th at NFT Paris in the Indoctrination Center, its largest booth located at the center of the arts section.

  • KnownOrigin x Deadfellaz NFT Paris Afterparty

KnownOrigin and DeadFellaz are all set to showcase an immersive exhibition and afterparty on Feb 24th. The event features the iconic DeadFellaz collection alongside digital artworks from KnownOrigin’s latest Creator Contracts. KnownOrigin’s Creator Contracts is the biggest launch in its five-year history, providing creators with the opportunity to expand their community and take full control of their contracts and collections across multiple marketplaces.

The afterparty features DJs Sarah Main and Bufalo, with drinks and a chance to win one of the 100 exclusive DeadFellaz x KnownOrigin t-shirts.  Attendees can expect to see a full line-up of creators, with updates announced soon.

The Afterparty happens at the NFT Factory (137 Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris) from 18:00 CET to Sat, 25 Feb 2023, 00:59 CET

Saturday, Feb 25: Daata x SuperRare Spaces, Ledger Workshop, + More

Daata, a leading platform for digital art, launches its first-ever SuperRare Space with an exhibition called Blind Spot. The event explores the relationship between humans and invasive technologies. It features artists Jonathan Monaghan, Signe Pierce, and ripcache, who use digital media to explore how surveillance disrupts the boundary between the physical and digital worlds.

The exhibition will debut at NFT Paris on February 24-25, 2023, and online at SuperRare Spaces. Each SuperRare Space is voted into the network by the community of $RARE holders. Blind Spot will be showcased at a joint booth with Hymodernity.

Location: Grand Palais éphémère 2 Pl. Joffre, 75007 Paris, France
Date: February 24 & 25
Time (both days): 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM CET

The second installment of Ledger’s workshops at NFT Paris also sees Chris Carlson ([Ledger] Market) and guests guide attendees through a Ledger Stax Workshop. The workshop is titled “Unlocking Creativity with Ledger Stax: Build Value for Collectors with Stax Secondary Images.

The Workshop takes place on 25th February from 3 PM – 4 PM CET. You may attend the workshop at Ledger Booth at NFT Paris – Location 27, by the main entrance of the Grand Palais. Moreover, there are also hands-on Ledger Stax and Ledger Extension demos from Ledger support staff.

Additionally, the booth also hosts limited edition Paris Tees by OSF x rektguy x Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano X Editions.

More Main Events To Not Miss

Day 1 – February 24th

    With speakers  Julian Holguin (CEO) and Evan Keast (Co-Founder)
  • AVATARS & SELF-EXPRESSION – 5:30 PM- 6:05 PM –
    A discussion around inclusivity, authenticity, and creativity. With speakers Betty (Founder, DeadFellaz), Stan Georgiev (Ready Player One), Leanne Elliott Young (Co-Founder, Institute of Digital Fashion), and Camille Kroely (Chief Metaverse & Web3 Officer, Loreal).

Day 2 – February 25th

  • FIRESIDE CHAT WITH YUGA LABS – 11:25 AM – 11:55 AM –
    With Greg Solano, Moderated by Farokh
  • NFTS FOR GOOD – 2:00 PM- 2:35 PM –
    A discussion around NFTs for an inclusive, equitable future. With speakers Pablo Stanley (Bueno, Humankind NFT), Maliha Abidi (Founder, Women Rise), and more.
  • Workshop: WOMEN OF WEB3 – 03:00PM – 03:40PM –

Side Events To Attend

In addition to all the festivities and events, there are a plethora of side events happening the whole week of NFT Paris. Here are a few that also caught our eye:

  • DeGods x Pudgy Penguins Boat Party – 24th February at Le Flow.
  • Rug Radio Vibes in Paris – 24th February at Raspoutine.
  • REKT in Paris – 24th February, Venue TBD.

All of the events and side events are also found directly at the NFT Paris official website. You may explore the site to RSVP to any of the events! The second installment of NFT Paris is about to be legendary!

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