CULT&RAIN’s DROP 002 Embraces the Future of Fashion With Digital wearables, NFC tech, and AI art


CULT&RAIN will launch “DROP 002.” This latest phygital collection includes digital wearables, and pairs digital assets with exclusive physical items. CULT&RAIN is the first luxury fashion brand born into web3. They have joined forces with DRESSX and LTD.INC for the highly-anticipated “DROP 002.”

Digital wearables from CULT&RAIN's upcoming drop.
CULT&RAIN’s upcoming drop features luxury physical items and digital wearables.

CULT&RAIN Breaks Fashion Boundaries with Digital Wearables, NFC Chip, and AI Art

Previously, the brand has released two coveted collections of sneakers and varsity jackets, but what can we expect from DROP 002? CULT&RAIN continues to revolutionize fashion, featuring 401 premium hoodies that seamlessly integrate physical luxury items, digital wearables, and blockchain-based assets. With top-quality fabrics and an embedded NFC chip paired with a 3D NFT, CULT&RAIN is pushing the boundaries of fashion and phygital and digital wearables. The drop’s main focus is on AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Basically, experimenting with these technologies embraces a new and exciting frontier in the fashion world, and we can’t wait to see it!

Experience the future of fashion with CULT&RAIN’s DROP 002 collection. Simply scan the NFC chip on your premium hoodie to unlock a unique digital fashion experience. Not only that, but you’ll also get to enjoy exciting benefits like rewards and brand updates, as well as owning digital wearables and assets. Holders can receive luxury shoes, exclusive airdrops, brand discounts, and VIP access to the CULT&RAIN ecosystem. An NFT will also be gifted thanks to DRESSX. Holders will also have access to unique content and benefits like rewards, token-gated access, brand updates, and so much more. So don’t miss out on this exciting and boundary-pushing experience that includes AI art, digital wearables, and an NFC chip. Allowlisted members can get their NFT on OpenSea starting March 15th and reveal all the tokens after the drop.



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