535 DeGods NFTs Reborn on the Bitcoin Blockchain


Top Solana NFT project, DeGods has found its way into the Bitcoin network. 535 DeGods NFTs, originally burnt by its team last year, have now resurrected on Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol. The news comes on the heels of the massive success of Ordinal NFTs—NFTs which can be directly minted on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Here’s all you need to know about DeGods’ move to Bitcoin:

Different DeGods NFTs on Bitcoin blockchain
535 DeGods NFTs are now on Bitcoin

Why are 535 DeGods NFTs Now on Bitcoin?

When DeGods launched on the Solana blockchain in 2021, the team burnt 535 of the original PFPs to cap the supply. These NFTs have now found a new lease of life thanks to Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol. In other words, these have now been “inscribed” permanently on the Bitcoin blockchain. For the uninitiated, “Inscribing” allows NFTs and other assets to be minted on the Bitcoin network. 

“Bitcoin is the best brand in crypto—just as pristine as it gets,” DeGods Founder, Frank told Decrypt. “It’s the most well known, and truly as simple but powerful as it can get…Aligning ourselves with the best brand in crypto is a no-brainer at any given point in time.”

To make this happen, the DeGods team worked with Luxor Technologies CEO, Nick Hansen. Together, they inscribed all 535 DeGods NFTs onto a single block. However, they had to compress all the images to a low resolution of 210×210 pixels to make it work. 

What Happens Now?

To be sure, although originally minted on Solana, the DeGods NFT collection is currently working on bridging to Ethereum. That said, the 535 NFTs will only be available as Ordinals. However, the project’s team is yet to announce the rollout details. According to a recent Twitter update, the project said it will announce mint details in the coming days. 



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