Moonbirds DAO, Lunar Society, To Become Moonbirds’ New Home


hKevin Rose led Moonbirds NFT project to revamp its Moonbirds DAO to “Lunar Society”, and aim to become an “undisputed leader in the NFT PFP space.” The DAO allows exclusive Moonbirds community voting to expand the brand beyond web3, grow its ecosystem, and build experiences or products which directly benefit holders.

a picture of 3 moonbirds characters in front of a pixelated moon, to reflect their new DAO, the Lunar Society

What Is The Lunar Society Moonbirds DAO?

The Lunar Society aims to assist with initiatives that align with its goals, which are as follows:

  • To expand the Moonbirds and Mythics brands both within and outside of the NFT realm
  • To offer a diverse range of high-quality experiences, ventures, and goods to those who own Moonbirds and Mythics.

According to the official Moonbirds documentation, “The Lunar Society will play a critical role in helping (projects) come to life by incentivizing, highlighting, and supporting our community members to build the brand and explore creative opportunities.

There are four different ways the Lunar Society will be funded. These include a $2 million initial cash injection from the PROOF treasury, 7 Moonbirds, $500K worth of Moonbirds sales on the open market, and also 35% on secondary royalties.

Voting In The Lunar Society

Moonbirds and Mythic holders have exclusive rights to participate in the voting process for the Lunar Society. For each NFT, Moonbird holders have three votes and Mythic holders have one vote. To clarify, Moonbirds (and their holders) still hold a majority of the voting power, even if all 20,000 Mythics hatch.

To learn about new projects, holders can join dedicated Discord channels and attend bi-weekly Town Halls where builders can share their initial ideas to get feedback and support from the community. A new batch of proposals is out for review and voting every two weeks.

Voting will be conducted for a week on, and the results will be shared on the society’s website and Discord channel. To vote, holders will need to create a Collector Profile on This allows them to vote easily without needing a Ledger. The number of votes will be based on the holder’s wallet holdings across all wallets on the back end.

Voting Requests

The Lunar Society accepts three types of voting requests from its members: Key of approval, grant funding, and trademark usage.

  • The Key of approval grants access to the Society’s Builder group, the use of the Lunar Society seal of approval, and signposting support.
  • Grant funding is available for projects aligned with the Society’s mission, etc.
  • Trademark usage requests are available for the “Moonbirds,” “Mythics,” or “Oddities” logos/names. Approval requests can be made without requesting funding or trademark usage. Furthermore, all funded projects automatically receive the Key of approval.

Moreover, eligible voting projects must include three criteria; projects that:

  • advance Moonbirds’ reputation and expand the ecosystem.
  • help bring the Moonbirds and Mythics web3 brands more into the public eye and into mass web2 and IRL systems.
  • help create unique experiences directly benefit holders and potential holders. These also include physical, digital, or phygital items, or even IRL experiences.

For more information on the Lunar Society including the role of its parent company, the PROOF collective, treasury strategy, and FAQs, click here.



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