Minting with each contract service I’ve mentioned is different. But when you create a new contract (with Manifold for example) each of the works you mint on that contract will display in that contract’s collection on OpenSea, Rarible, Zora and many others marketplaces. Even Foundation has just opened up to Manifold contracts. You also have some control as to how and where your work is stored, but these still don’t always display correctly (based on web protocols/ browsers and mobile devices). We are in early stages, and it’s best to reach out directly to the marketplaces via Discord or GgitHhub.

Likewise I’m also seeing a trend with creators (such as KNNY or JOY who take charge of their own contracts going one step further and creating personal marketplaces. Often this is because, while more artists are creating interactive NFTs, many marketplaces don’t display dynamic work correctly, depending on their own web protocols and permissions. Likewise, some browsers and mobile devices have their own limitations. I like to think this is temporary, because I foresee an adoption of open standards and a willingness by marketplaces to both embrace and display this work properly.

Working in these seemingly incongruous, unexplored or undefined areas often yields the most important results:

Here I must note Regina Harsanyi’s recent On Screen Presence with Feral File; an amazing curation of dynamic performances by Golan Levin, 0xDEAFBEEF, Every Icon, Wiena Lin, and Molly Soda (pictured below). They adroitly push us to question the ways we think about the tangible vs. the digital, the live vs. the virtual, static work vs. dynamic experience.


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