Leading NFT market aggregator and analytics platform, NFTGo, has published its latest annual market report. The comprehensive 187-page document reviews the events that took place in the NFT market over the past 12 months and offers some insights on new trends to expect this year, along with a few predictions. Notably, the report discusses the kind of trading strategies whales are employing to stay ahead, which types of NFTs investors favor, and the age, region, and gender distribution of traders.

In addition, the report highlights how top brands are utilizing non-fungible tokens to establish a presence on Web3. These include the likes of Starbucks, which launched the Odyssey program to create deeper engagement with its customer base. As well as, the likes of Nike with CryptoKicks and Adidas, whose NFT project allows fans to contribute their own designs. Other major brands covered in the report include Samsung, Gucci, McDonald’s, Lamborghini, SalesForce, Coach, and Jarritos.

NFTGo Report: Degens Expect NFTs To Grow In Presence In 2023

Furthermore, the report covers the views of various degens and what they believe this year holds for the market. Many expect to see non-fungible tokens take center stage, with builders focusing on utility rather than speculation. Some areas where collectors can expect to see more use cases spring up include the ticketing industry, gaming industry, and real estate. While, the more savvy users expect to see a rise of investment protocols solely focused on NFTs and the use of NFTs to safeguard IP rights.

FungibleTokn notes, “I expect to see gaming, access, and ticketing as well as AI-related projects leading the way in 2023. I think fractionalization will be more prevalent in 2023 too. Fractionally owning and trading real estate, art, or other high-value assets. Fractionally owning and trading NFT collectibles or other rare items too.”

That said, 2022 was tough on the NFT market, and this is also highlighted in the report. The second half of the year saw more sellers than buyers of non-fungible tokens.

The full report can be accessed here. It breaks down data on investor behavior and outlines upcoming trends to pay attention to. As a result, containing all the information needed to navigate the exciting world of NFTs.

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