New artists on SuperRare


New artists on SuperRare

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New artists to watch

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Digital Artist, Photographer and overthinker since 2011. Actually exploring Ai, minimalism and narrative.  


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Alone Made with Ai by textrnr  

Artist in the style of “Subjective Realism” My paintings are exhibited in France, England, Australia, Germany, etc. 

Oblation ~ “Revivere” oil painting

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My animated in “Revivere” style oil painting “Oblation”. 1/1 NFT “Oblation” oil on canvas 200 x 165 cm (79 x 65 inch) 2016 Priests and sacrifices. Donors and those to whom these sacrifices are intended. Everyone is tied up in this tangle. We sacrifice ourselves for others and others for ourselves. We sacrifice freedom for love, fun for peace, life for eternity. We sacrifice our bodies and souls. We ourselves eat these sacrifices and feed small parasites, always accompanying us. Maybe sacrifice is the basis of all being? Or is this the biggest misconception that prevents us from living?

create art to process the intensity and profound strangeness of the collective human experience.  


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I like to travel, travel to a place where I am free flowing on top of the world. Somewhere where all the burdens don’t feel too heavy, all I feel is being uplifted. I feel more deeply, I feel more free, I truly belong in this world that I created. My creative dreamland, my safe space, where I am the center of my universe. I am boundless, I take pieces of it into my art. I try to make this world into my reality, I truly feel like myself here.  

New artists on SuperRare


Chaos Town

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My bags are falling… Running behind it… Will I ever get it back? I even mint artwork… And I burn them I know I am on fire! But I have to keep on going… I have to keep on going  

Artist and collector.  


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WAGMI, oil on canvas, 146×114 cm, 2023. First artwork of the series WAGMI, a collection where art history, cryptoart, popular iconography and great myths come together on the same canvas.  

CG Artist who loves to create dystopian and futuristic dark atworks from his dreams or perhaps from his nightmares.  

Opening face

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Opening face How do you see the future? Here is my vision of the future through this facial implant inspired by Ghost in the Shell. This implant contains in its center a nuclear generator to power all the devices of the body. 1500 x 2000 pixels 182 frames loop 2023 by impossible.realities  

Portrait (Aux Camélias)

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A digital painting.  

Lifetime artist, with nearly decade working professionally as figurative sculptor.

Radiant Rumination

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We can see that this piece is full of contrapositions. From the myriad of hues, the rough textures of the modeling on the subtle background, to even the sizes of the characters, all contribute to creating a surreal effect. Similar to the ceiling of the Capella Scrovegni (1303) that inspired this environment, it creates a majestic space that plays with that contrast of colors with its hundreds of yellow stars painted on its blue ceiling. This work is an allegory to contemplation, one that this ambiance stimulates, eternally encouraging us to disconnect from the weight that we carry on our shoulders daily. An increasingly unusual, but very necessary gesture.  

knight of despair warrior of beauty  

[ no faith ]

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I am still lost between worlds ruins of a romantic disaster a ghost of a future me I am lost I am nothing I am no faith I am still here (for Angelica) One image. Two different creative processes merged together. Digital process: photo manipulation (ruins of a romantic disaster). + Physical process: spray paint on inkjet print (a ghost of a future me). = [ no faith ] Original stock photography: Ksenia Honcharova  

I’m suffering from Multiple Art Disorder  


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The uncanny performance of the sick subconscious..  


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