“January: 23.01.23″ 1/1 2023 SuperRare Genesis “A Year In Colour” Collection 4200x5455px at 300dpi Throughout my artistic career, all my work has been synaesthetic; in that I experience sound/music as colour, texture and movement and transcribe these forms and emotional responses into a visual language. This year long series however will draw reference from a book I read during my Masters “Wednesday is Indigo Blue”. A book which describes how us synaesthetes assign colour and texture to periods of time/days/experiences via our emotional response. As the year progresses, new pieces will be minted chronicling events alongside everyday minutiae and will be assigned their corresponding colour score. The conversations, the music, the resonant hum this will all go into each piece, building towards a collection that composes a colour map. At the end of the year, this will be used as a blueprint to create a projection/sound installation. This project is my “Year In Colour” but an invitation for you all to come along for the ride 🌈  


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