New artists on SuperRare


New artists on SuperRare

1 month ago

New artists to watch

These artists were voted on from this week’s list by members of the editorial and curation teams at SuperRare Labs.

The Way Of Hope

Edition 1 of 1

I rise to my hope, I rise to my dreams, even if I fall, I get up again every time. My shadow guides me. My thoughts light me up. Nrs1n Digital Illustration

Illustrating for over a decade, here for the art. // Embrace Minimalism // All artworks created in adobe Illustrator.

Blank Canvas

Edition 1 of 1

1/1 artwork by 0xdgb Minted on SuperRare

Multimedia Artist, student of life. Focused on illustrative storytelling through a self-proclaimed style named “Neo-Fauvism”.


Edition 1 of 1

A new beginning. “Provenance” is the first installment in the “Stages of Life II” series. A body of work composed of narratives done in the “Neo-Fauvism” style created by YAGAMIII. Neo-Fauvism is a refined illustrative take on Fauvism exploring Color Theory & Story-Telling, a hybrid of Classical and Modern art movements. This work is based on the Greek Myth surrounding the Sister of Fate. A Trio of entities that “weave” the Destiny of us all. The Protagonist sits at the base of the Tree of Life, writing their own fate, seeking enlightenment for what’s to come.

New artists on SuperRare

POp CuLTurE eXprEssioNisM

The new Horizons

Edition 1 of 1

Refers to a new and uncharted direction or destination, often associated with exciting opportunities and possibilities.

Brazilian digital artist.

The smell of a summer storm 

Edition 1 of 1

Hand painted work using 2D digital painting software. The title comes from the fact that I think that the “smell of storm”, which was all over the air at the time of the creation of this work, left a residual impression on my mind, which flowed somehow into the painting.

Art Should Comfort The Disturbed, And Disturb The Comfortable


Edition 1 of 1

The girl has painted these wings as a way to express her emotions or as a form of self-expression. The red color of the paint and wings is significant, as red is often associated with strong emotions such as love, anger, and passion. The wings themselves symbolize hope, innocence, or a desire for freedom or escape. Overall, this art piece appears to be a poignant and introspective depiction of a young girl struggling with her emotions.


Artist Creator of the Collection „Anxiety Disorders“ Discover the Unknown


Edition 1 of 1

Am I SuperRare now?

Artificial Intelligence lexicographer chasing insight through art, one thought at a time.

The Manic Mind

Edition 1 of 1

The manic mind is a curious and complex creature, forever racing and tumbling through the endless expanse of thought and emotion. It is a mind that sees everything, taking in all the colors and textures of the world with a relentless hunger for more. Like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, it hops from one idea to the next, never resting for long. It is a mind that is always on, always buzzing with energy and activity. It is able to tap into a boundless well of creativity and inspiration, able to see the world in a way that others can only imagine. A mind that is always on, always buzzing with energy and activity. With this manic energy comes a heightened sense of perception, a sharpness of all the senses that allows the mind to take in every detail of the world around it. Seeing the beauty in everything, from the tiniest blade of grass to the grandest mountain range. But with this heightened perception comes a level of sensitivity that can be overwhelming at times. The manic mind is hypersensitive to the slightest stimuli, able to pick up on even the most subtle of nuances and emotions. This sensitivity can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it allows it to see the world with a clarity and depth that others can only dream of. On the other hand, it can also make it overwhelmed and exhausted, as the constant barrage of stimuli becomes too much to bear. Despite the challenges that come with this heightened sensitivity, the manic mind is able to find beauty and meaning in even the most mundane of tasks. It is a mind that is able to see the interconnectedness of all things, the patterns and rhythms that pulse through the universe. Those who possess it often find that it is a gift, one that allows them to see the world in a way that others cannot. They are able to find inspiration and creativity in even the darkest of days, and their minds are always buzzing with new ideas and possibilities. A canvas upon which to paint a thousand different stories and dreams. In this manic state of mind, anything is possible.


Photographer. Idiot.

Web 2.5

Edition 1 of 1

we’re so early tho…

abstract artist · fusing 3d & ai


Edition 1 of 1

an abstract, fluid sculpture—”palisade” represents the relationship of the protector, the nurturer.


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