MBON: How do you select your artists? Are they all a part of your direct community or do you seek out like-minded creators? What advice do you have for artists who want to be represented by your Space?

EdG: Have you seen the TV show “Mozart in the Jungle”? Like Rodrigo (Gael García Bernal), I curate with blood! I think the job consists of picking sincere artworks, pieces with strong speech and aesthetic statements. No matter the medium, I try to offer an off-the-beaten-track and sensual selection, away from trends, from hashtags. I consider that almost everything can become beautiful and attractive, it depends how you look at it, the flow with which you represent it. I love to seek for another kind of beauty, less common, more distorted, far from the traditional canons. What I really love about curation is that it connects me with universes I couldn’t reach alone as an artist, and takes me out of my comfort zone. I could give you the example of my friend Maritei, she made me discover the codes of Kawaii Art, you cannot imagine how baroque and pink are hiding a message of rebelliousness and insubmission. Yes Kawaii is feminist!

I’ve met all the artists first through the internet, less Donatelly, she is a Latam night icon with her drag character Catarsis and I met her on a dancefloor. Everyday I spotlight artists on Chile Con Carne Twitter & Instagram accounts “ ” means that your Art is hot and that I want to work with you!

MBON: Tell us about any exciting upcoming drops or events we can look out for? Unlike some other SuperRare Spaces, you run and fund everything yourself. Who is helping you operate the space? Tell us more about what role the community plays in your Space?

EdG: Like many others I have more ideas than resources, for example, after talking to you Mika, I was left with the bug of opening a physical space, I’m now trying to find the funds to transform my apartment into a gallery! This year I’ve dedicated myself almost 100% to Chile Con Carne, I finance everything with the earnings from the sale of my paintings, sometimes I had to front alone delays or lack of compromise, not everyone understand yet cryptoart’s potentials, but despite the difficulty, Chile Con Carne is my baby, I project its space as I would with a IRL gallery, I want to constantly offer new temporary exhibitions, You should expect to see a lot of nipples, a lot of flesh, I want to get the most out of it from Web3 censorship resistance! Right now and because celebrations are coming I’m preparing something special with Luluxxx, her art makes you want to dance and drink champagne. What better way to begin 2023 than with her glamor and sensuality ? 

It’s really important for me to finish this interview shouting out to my fellow Playboy x Sevens grantee, Oona. She has been present since the beginning, she understood before everyone the Chile Con Carne concept and has been on the front line to defend it. She is actually presenting “Milk to Mint” in Art Basel Miami, a performance you cannot miss! 

I want to send the biggest thanks to who is behind the curtains, my friends Elisabet Montenegro and Jacqueline Herrera, they two are an unfailing source of inspiration and guidance, I couldn’t have done it without their wise advice and their beautiful writings.


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