gmoney Introduces Personalized POAPs on 9dcc World Connect


gmoney announces 9dcc World Connect with personalized POAPs! Gamification is at the core of gmoney’s engagement strategy. The initial focus is on individual POAPs, as seen in World Connect, a gamified Networked Product™ experience. So, what does all this mean?

A selection of gmoney's personalized POAPs already in use by the community
Personalized POAPs launched by gmoney.

Want to customize your POAPs? Discover how gmoney and 9dcc are making it happen!

Basically, token holders in the 9dcc.eth ecosystem can customize their POAPs linked to and distributed from their ITERATION-01 & ITERATION-02 Networked Products. From February 23rd to March 7th, users can see the personalizable potential of Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) in action. gmoney also proves how networking, community building, and digital experiences can be realized. This is done through interacting with 9dcc’s physical products in a series of releases.

gmoney and the innovators at 9dcc are gearing up to beta-test their latest game, Word Guess, which they’ve developed in collaboration with the Web3 gaming platform, Internet Game. It’s an exclusive in-product experience that shows the cutting-edge technology that they’re working on. And the best part? It’s easily accessible. Simply scan the NFC chip on any 9dcc Networked Product. The game will launch in an instant, significantly blurring the boundaries between social networking and gaming. Furthermore, thanks to gmoney’s knowledge and experience, get ready to play and see for yourself the possibilities of this new technology!

No crypto wallet? No problem! 9dcc make buying easy

Additionally, 9dcc and gmoney are shaking up the eCommerce game by incorporating their Networked Products. Fans can buy an ITERATION-01 or ITERATION-02 straight from the official 9dcc marketplace. There is no need for a crypto wallet. All in all, FirstMate, gmoney and 9dcc’s partner on this project, have made the transaction process smooth and simple. Subsequently, this enables more people to jump in on the action. Finally, the launch of World Connect encourages 9dcc holders from ETH DENVER to Paris Fashion Week to participate in the fun international events.

Get ready to level up your digital experiences with gmoney and 9dcc’s personalized POAPs, available through their gamified Networked Product experience, World Connect!



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